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A Empresa

The company is a 100 per-cent Brazilian privately owned company. It was established in 2005. Located in the north-west of the state of São Paulo, in the heart of the citrus producing region, where climate conditions and soil characteristics are the most favorable for the production of citrus fruits.


Citroflavor has gradually expanded its industrial unit during the last decade.This period was marked for growth and many improvements.


We have a modern factory where the work force are trained to efficiently meet the needs of the national and international market.In addition, our team is formed by managers' and employees' with more than 20- years of knowledge in the production and commercialization of citrus essential oils. Everything is combined with Citroflavor quality that is recognized worldwide to the commitment of manufacturing safe products for human consumption, that are guaranteed by the food safety management system. Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000.


The main objective is to serve customers in an efficient and competitive manner, preserving a lasting professional relationship, that is combined with Citroflavor quality of products and services.

In 2022, Citroflavor opened a branch in Rio Grande do Sul, located in the municipality of Pareci Novo. Strategic region for the processing of green mandarin. The factory was founded in 2014 by the traditional Nedel family, active in the fruit business since 1986, having one of the largest Packing House of fresh fruit in the country. The factory has modern facilities, installed in an area of more than 55,500m².



Specialized labor for service in the production process in which technical know-how, quality and efficiency in the concentration and separation of fractions of Essential Oils are disclosed.
100% food grade process made through fractional distillation at low pressure and low temperature thus guaranteed as sensory characteristics of the raw material of origin.


Citroflavor constantly invests in research and the development of new technologies. The objective is to offer perfumer's and aromatist's an innovative and high performance product.

The vast experience acquired over the years has allowed Citroflavor to develop technologies designed specifically for the extraction and quality control of essential oils.



Citroflavor's concern with the environment has always directed the company's actions in adopting sustainable measures. Now, the company has taken a big step towards a sustainable cleaner future with the installation of a solar plant on the roof of the manufacturing park in the Catanduva, state of São Paulo. The photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the company, is composed of 300 solar panels responsible for generating and supplying all the activities of the factory and the administrative sector of the company. Today, Citroflavor is self-sufficient in electricity.



• Reduction in greenhouse gas, corresponding to a forest area of 57Ha.

• Less 288 tons of CO2 emitted in nature per year.

• Infinite energy, after the sun will always be the central star of our solar system.


Being an ethical, fair, transparent and committed company is the basis of our relationship with our customers. Working with a motivated, qualified and focused team ensures reaching common goals and meeting expectations.


To offer personalized products and services that create and inspire confidence bringing convenience to our customers.


To be recognized as the best fruit essential oil company for the global food industry.

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